Order Process

Order Acquisition

No matter how you find your customers, Custom Fulfillment helps you keep your customers and keeps them coming back for more. Orders arrive through multiple interaction channels and are immediately entered into our order management system. What we can do for you:

  • Individual Orders via Telephone, Email, US Mail, FAX, Telemarketers
  • Batch Order Downloads
  • Internet Order Page Setup
  • 24 Hour Turnaround On All Orders



Order Processing

Custom Fulfillment responds quickly and accurately to meet the high expectations of your customers, whether you are sending out giveaways, premiums, samples, promotional materials, newsletters, catalogs, sales literature or your brand of product. Orders are shipped directly to customers and returns and exchanges are processed promptly. These are some of the labor intensive activities that you can confidently outsource to us:

  • Real Time Online Order Processing
  • Product Packaging
  • Kit Assembly (Hand/Machine)
  • Pick & Pack
  • Packslip Printing
  • Invoice Printing
  • Label & Barcode Printing
  • Shipping Confirmations
  • Choice of all popular Shipping Methods/Carriers
  • First Class and Bulk Mailing
  • Payment Processing
  • Bank Servicing
  • E-Banking
  • Credit Card Authorization and Processing




Order Analysis

Custom Fulfillment provides the back office information and analysis that you need to stay on track with your business goals. Custom Fulfillment keeps you up to date on what’s working and what needs work. Let us deliver:

  • Real Time Inventory Management
  • Interactive Catalogue Management
  • Inventory Tracking Reports based on Product, Date, Customer, Season – your choice!
  • “Slow Mover” Reports
  • Inventory Threshold and Alerts
  • Standard File Formats for Tracking
  • Custom Programmed Formats for Tracking

Always know what’s Selling, Moving or in Stock

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